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    Add support for large files. Merge glibc 2.1.2. · 4ee9629e
    Paul Eggert authored
    * b2m.c, emacsclient.c, emacsserver.c, fakemail.c, make-docfile.c,
    movemail.c, pop.c:
    Do not include <stdlib.h>, as <config.h> does this now.
    * b2m.c, emacsserver.c, etags.c, profile.c:
    Include <config.h> before any system include files.
    * emacsclient.c, emacsserver.c, fakemail.c, movemail.c, pop.c,
    (read, write, open, close): Do not undef.
    * getopt.c, getopt1.c: Adopt glibc 2.1.2, with the following fix:
    (const): Do not define if HAVE_CONFIG_H; that's config.h's job.
    * getopt.h: Adopt glibc 2.1.2.
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