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    * window.c (coordinates_in_window): Do not assume that all · 05c2896a
    Jim Blandy authored
    	one-line windows are the minibuffer, or that all minibuffers are
    	one line high.  Use MINI_WINDOW_P.
    	* window.c (change_window_height): If the size of the window will
    	shrink below the minimum, this code would only try to delete it if
    	it had a parent.  Well, even if the window doesn't have a parent,
    	you want Fdelete_window to signal an error, since you're trying to
    	resize one of the undeleteable windows into nothingness.  So call
    	Fdelete_window even if the window doesn't have a parent.
    	* window.c (MINSIZE): Add kludge so that the minibuffer is always
    	allowed to shrink to one line in height.
    	(MINSIZE, CURBEG, CURSIZE): Change these so that their argument
    	are always Lisp_Objects, not struct window *'s.
    	(change_window_height): Changed accordingly.
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