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    * tparam.h: New file. · 50938595
    Paul Eggert authored
    * term.c, tparam.h: Include it.
    * deps.mk (term.o, tparam.o): Depend on tparam.h.
    * term.c (tputs, tgetent, tgetflag, tgetnum, tparam, tgetstr):
    Move these decls to tparam.h, and make them agree with what
    is actually in tparam.c.  The previous trick of using incompatible
    decls in different modules does not conform to the C standard.
    All callers of tparam changed to use tparam's actual API.
    * tparam.c (tparam1, tparam, tgoto):
    Use const pointers where appropriate.
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