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    * keyboard.c (Qmenu_alias, Vdefine_key_rebound_commands): Remove. · 50d4ba39
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (parse_menu_item): Streamline since bindings are recomputed all the
    time anyway.  Don't bother checking Vdefine_key_rebound_commands any
    more and don't support lmenu's menu-alias any more either.
    * subr.el (define-key-rebound-commands): Mark obsolete.
    * startup.el (precompute-menubar-bindings): Remove.
    (normal-top-level): Remove obsolete code that tried to precompute
    menubar bindings.
    * loadup.el (define-key-rebound-commands): Don't bother fiddling with
    define-key-rebound-commands and precompute-menubar-bindings.
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