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    Apply the initial log-edit tweaks discussed at emacs-devel · 52789f7f
    Dmitry Gutov authored
    * .dir-locals.el: (log-edit-move): Add the "Author: " header.
    * lisp/vc/log-edit.el (log-edit-mode-map): Add binding for
    (log-edit-setup-add-author): New user option.
    (log-edit-beginning-of-line): New command.
    (log-edit): Move major mode call above the contents setup so that
    the local variable values are already applied.
    (log-edit): Only insert "Author: " when
    `log-edit-setup-add-author' is non-nil.
    (log-edit): When SETUP is non-nil, position point after ": "
    instead of point-min.
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