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    * minibuffer.el (completion-table-with-terminator): Properly implement · 528c56e2
    Stefan Monnier authored
    boundaries, in case `terminator' appears in the suffix.
    (completion--embedded-envvar-table): Don't return boundaries if
    there's no valid completion.  Simplify.
    (completion-file-name-table): New completion table extracted from
    (completion--file-name-table): Use it.
    (read-file-name-predicate): Declare obsolete.
    (read-file-name): Use the pred arg i.s.o read-file-name-predicate.
    * vc-bzr.el (vc-bzr-revision-completion-table): Use the new
    completion-file-name-table, and use the `pred' argument.
    * files.el (locate-file-completion-table): Use the `pred' arg rather
    than read-file-name-predicate.
    (abbreviate-file-name): Use \` rather than ^ for BOS.
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