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    * w32fns.c (hourglass_timer, hourglass_hwnd): New variables. · d148e14d
    Jason Rumney authored
    (syms_of_w32fns): Initialize them.
    (HOURGLASS_ID): New constant.
    (x_window_to_frame): Don't check hourglass_window.
    (w32_wnd_proc) <WM_TIMER>: Handle hourglass_timer.
    (w32_wnd_proc) <WM_EXITMENULOOP>: Set pending hourglass cursor.
    (w32_wnd_proc) <WM_SETCURSOR>: Set the hourglass or current cursor.
    (w32_wnd_proc) <WM_EMACS_SETCURSOR>: Set frame's current_cursor.
    Only change the cursor if hourglass is not active.
    (Fx_create_frame): Initialize frame's current_cursor.
    (hourglass_atimer): Remove.
    (hourglass_started): New function.
    (start_hourglass, cancel_hourglass, hide_hourglass): Adapt to w32.
    (show_hourglass): Adapt to w32, changing argument to frame.
    * w32term.h (struct w32_output): Remove hourglass_window.
    Add current_cursor.
    * eval.c (call_debugger, Fsignal):
    * keyboard.c (recursive_edit_1, cmd_error, Ftop_level)
    (command_loop_1, Fread_key_sequence, Fread_key_sequence_vector)
    (Fexecute_extended_command, cancel_hourglass_unwind):
    * minibuf.c (read_minibuf):
    * fns.c (Fy_or_n_p): Enable hourglass when HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM.
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