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    Remember the last TWO strings skipped with #@. · c15cfd1f
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (prev_saved_doc_string*): New variables.
    (Fload): Initalize prev_saved_doc_string.
    (read1): Copy saved_doc_string to prev_saved_doc_string
    before storing a new string in saved_doc_string.
    (read_list): Look in prev_saved_doc_string as well as
    in saved_doc_string.
    (read1): Swap saved_doc_string_length and
    (read_list): Negate docstring position if negative before checking
    against saved_doc_string_length et al.
    (read_vector): Add bytecodeflag parameter, which is
    nonzero when reading a bytecode object.  If
    `load-force-doc-strings' is t when reading a lazily-loaded
    bytecode vector, the loaded docstring must be treated as unibyte
    and passed to Fread to obtain the actual bytecode string and
    constants vector.
    (read1): Add extra parameter to read_vector calls.
    (read1): Enable saving of doc strings on WINDOWSNT.
    (read_list): Call get_doc_string instead of read_doc_string, when
    forced to load doc strings.
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