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    Andrew Innes authored
    (w32_list_bdf_fonts): Initialize n_fonts.
    (Fw32_shell_execute): New function; used to support browse-url.
    (syms_of_w32fns): Register it.
    (w32_load_system_font): Force max width to be average
    char width for fixed-pitch fonts, to avoid unnecessary redisplay
    (x_to_w32_charset): Define VIETNAMESE_CHARSET if not
    already defined.
    (syms_of_w32fns): Set Vw32_phantom_key_code to 255.
    (w32_wnd_proc) [WM_PAINT]: Use rectangle from
    GetUpdateRect rather than BeginPaint.
    (w32_wnd_proc): Attach to current foreground thread
    when grabbing focus; necessary on NT 5.0.
    (w32_wnd_proc) [W32_DEBUG_DISPLAY]: Add output for
    debugging display messages.
    (w32_to_x_charset): Put wildcard last in unknown charsets to avoid
    false matching.
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