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    2009-01-25 Carsten Dominik <dominik@science.uva.nl> · 55e0839d
    Carsten Dominik authored
    	* org.texi (References): Add information about remote references.
    	(Built-in table editor): Document `C-c RET' in tables.
    	(Math symbols, Quoting LaTeX code): Mention that simple
    	LaTeX macros survive LaTeX export.
    	(Images in LaTeX export): Show how to create a reference to a
    	(Sectioning structure): Document that the LaTeX class can be
    	specified in a property.
    	(Text areas in HTML export): New section.
    	(External links): Add examples for text search and ID links.
    	(Built-in table editor): Remove the descriptio of `C-c
    	C-q', it not longer works.
    	(Literal examples): Document that a space must follow
    	the colon in short examples.
    	(Relative timer): Document `org-timer-stop'.
    	(Footnotes): New section.
    	(Footnote markup): Shorten section and refer to new Footnote
    	(Literal examples): Add documentation for line
    	numbering in and references to code examples.
    	(CSS support): Fix the description of default CSS styles.
    	(Capturing column view): Document
    	"file:path/to/file.org" as an allowed value for the ID property of
    	a dynamic block copying column view.
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