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    Rename some doc/misc info nodes to avoid chars that can cause Texinfo problems · 55f612f0
    Glenn Morris authored
    * reftex.texi (LaTeX xr Package, Options - Table of Contents)
    (Options - Defining Label Environments, Options - Creating Labels)
    (Options - Referencing Labels, Options - Creating Citations)
    (Options - Index Support, Options - Viewing Cross-References)
    (Options - Finding Files, Options - Optimizations)
    (Options - Fontification, Options - Misc):
    * cc-mode.texi (Sample Init File):
    * edt.texi (Init file):
    * epa.texi (Encrypting/decrypting gpg files):
    * mairix-el.texi (About, Setting up the mairix interface, Using)
    Rename nodes to avoid characters that can cause Texinfo problems.
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