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    Move window resize code from window.c to window.el. · 562dd5e9
    Martin Rudalics authored
    * window.c: Remove declarations of Qwindow_size_fixed,
    window_min_size_1, window_min_size_2, window_min_size,
    size_window, window_fixed_size_p, enlarge_window, delete_window.
    Remove static from declaration of Qdelete_window, it's
    temporarily needed by Fbury_buffer.
    (replace_window): Don't assign orig_top_line and
    (Fdelete_window, delete_window): Remove.  Window deletion is
    handled by window.el.
    (window_loop): Remove DELETE_OTHER_WINDOWS case.  Replace
    Fdelete_window calls with calls to Qdelete_window.
    (Fdelete_other_windows): Remove.  Deleting other windows is
    handled by window.el.
    (window_fixed_size_p): Remove.  Fixed-sizeness of windows is
    handled in window.el.
    (window_min_size_2, window_min_size_1, window_min_size): Remove.
    Window minimum sizes are handled in window.el.
    (shrink_windows, size_window, set_window_height)
    (set_window_width, change_window_heights, window_height)
    (window_width, CURBEG, CURSIZE, enlarge_window)
    (adjust_window_trailing_edge, Fadjust_window_trailing_edge)
    (Fenlarge_window, Fshrink_window): Remove.  Window resizing is
    handled in window.el.
    (make_dummy_parent): Rename to make_parent_window and give it a
    second argument horflag.
    (make_window): Don't set resize_proportionally any more.
    (Fsplit_window): Remove.  Windows are split in window.el.
    (save_restore_action, save_restore_orig_size)
    (shrink_window_lowest_first, save_restore_orig_size): Remove.
    Resize mini windows in window.el.
    (grow_mini_window, shrink_mini_window): Implement by calling
    Qresize_root_window_vertically, resize_window_check and
    (saved_window, Fset_window_configuration, save_window_save): Do
    not handle orig_top_line, orig_total_lines, and
    (window_min_height, window_min_width): Move to window.el.
    (keys_of_window): Move bindings for delete-other-windows,
    split-window, delete-window and enlarge-window to window.el.
    * buffer.c: Temporarily extern Qdelete_window.
    (Fbury_buffer): Temporarily call Qdelete_window instead of
    Fdelete_window (Fbury_buffer will move to window.el soon).
    * frame.c (set_menu_bar_lines_1): Remove code handling
    orig_top_line and orig_total_lines.
    * dispnew.c (adjust_frame_glyphs_initially): Don't use
    set_window_height but set heights directly.
    (change_frame_size_1): Use resize_frame_windows.
    * xdisp.c (init_xdisp): Don't use set_window_height but set
    heights directly.
    * xfns.c (x_set_menu_bar_lines, x_set_tool_bar_lines): Use
    resize_frame_windows instead of change_window_heights and run
    * w32fns.c (x_set_tool_bar_lines): Use resize_frame_windows
    instead of change_window_heights and run
    * window.el (window-min-height, window-min-width): Move here
    from window.c.  Add defcustoms and rewrite doc-strings.
    (resize-mini-window, resize-window): New functions.
    (adjust-window-trailing-edge, enlarge-window, shrink-window):
    Move here from window.c.
    (maximize-window, minimize-window): New functions.
    (delete-window, delete-other-windows, split-window): Move here
    from window.c.
    (window-split-min-size): New function.
    (split-window-keep-point): Mention split-window-above-each-other
    instead of split-window-vertically.
    (split-window-above-each-other, split-window-vertically): Rename
    split-window-vertically to split-window-above-each-other and
    provide defalias for old definition.
    (split-window-side-by-side, split-window-horizontally): Rename
    split-window-horizontally to split-window-side-by-side and provide
    defalias for the old definition.
    (ctl-x-map): Move bindings for delete-window,
    delete-other-windows and enlarge-window here from window.c.
    Replace bindings for split-window-vertically and
    split-window-horizontally by bindings for
    split-window-above-each-other and split-window-side-by-side.
    * cus-start.el (all): Remove entries for window-min-height and
    window-min-width.  Add entries for window-splits and
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