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    (sh-font-lock-keywords-var): Variable renamed from sh-font-lock-keywords. · 5789bd83
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    In the `shell' entry, don't try to refer to executable-font-lock-keywords.
    (sh-font-lock-keywords-var-1): Renamed from sh-font-lock-keywords-1.
    (sh-font-lock-keywords-var-2): Renamed from sh-font-lock-keywords-2.
    (sh-font-lock-keywords): Append executable-font-lock-keywords here.
    (sh-mode): Set comment-start-skip, local-abbrev-table, imenu-case-fold-search.
    (sh-set-shell): Don't set them here.
    (sh-feature): Simplify.  Get rid of the eval-a-variable feature.
    Don't cache the results in the original alist; don't ever modify that alist.
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