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    Refactor and fix typo in CHECK_*_COERCE_MARKER · 57f5a63d
    Paul Eggert authored
    * src/data.c (check_integer_coerce_marker)
    (check_number_coerce_marker): New functions.
    Also, fix a typo in the former, by having it use
    Qinteger_or_marker_p not Qnumber_or_marker_p.
    (arithcompare, floatop_arith_driver, bignum_arith_driver)
    (arith_driver, Fplus, Fminus, Ftimes, Fquo, Frem, Fmod)
    (minmax_driver, Flogand, Flogior, Flogxor, Fadd1, Fsub1):
    Use them in place of the similarly-named macros.
    (CHECK_INTEGER_COERCE_MARKER): Remove; no longer used.
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