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    Fix int/EMACS_INT in eval.c and indent.c, correct previous changes. · 5816888b
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     indent.c (Fcurrent_indentation, indented_beyond_p)
     (compute_motion): Use EMACS_INT for buffer position variables.
     lisp.h (indented_beyond_p): Adjust prototype.
     buffer.c (overlay_strings): Return EMACS_INT.
     buffer.h (overlay_strings): Adjust prototype.
     region-cache.c (pp_cache): Adjust format to arguments.
     eval.c <specpdl_size, lisp_eval_depth>: Declare EMACS_INT.
     (call_debugger): Use EMACS_INT for specpdl_size related variables.
     (verror): Use EMACS_INT for size of allocated buffer.
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