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    More face customization cleanups. · 587faadd
    Chong Yidong authored
    * cus-edit.el (custom-commands, custom-buffer-create-internal)
    (custom-magic-value-create): Pad button tags with spaces.
    (custom-face-edit): New variable.
    (custom-face-value-create): Determine whether to use the usual
    face editor here, instead of using custom-face-selected.  Pass
    face defaults to custom-face-edit widget.
    (custom-face-selected, custom-display-unselected): Delete widgets.
    (custom-display-unselected-match): Function removed.
    (custom-face-set, custom-face-mark-to-save): Accept
    custom-face-edit widgets as the direct widget child.
    * wid-edit.el (widget--completing-widget): New var.
    (widget-default-complete): Bind it when doing completion.
    (widget-string-complete, widget-file-complete): Use it.
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