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    Fix incorrect NextStep tool-bar-mode -- wrong number of rows in frame. · 590449f3
    Anders Lindgren authored
    * nsterm.h (struct ns_output): New flag, in_animation.
    * nsfns.m (Fx_create_frame): Initialize in_animation flag.
    * nsmenu.m (free_frame_tool_bar, update_frame_tool_bar): Set
    in_animation flag around call to "setVisible". Set new tool bar
    height before call to setVisible.
    * nsterm.m (x_set_window_size): Don't call [view setRow:
    andColumns:] as this fools the subsequent call to updateFrameSize
    from performing the real resize.
    (windowDidResize): Don't update anything when in_animation is
    Trace output.
    * nsmenu.m (free_frame_tool_bar, update_frame_tool_bar)
    * nsterm.m (x_set_window_size, updateFrameSize)
    ([EmacsView setRows: andColumns:])
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