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    Support filtering by keywords in package listings. · 5ae811dd
    Ted Zlatanov authored
    * emacs-lisp/package.el (package-built-in-p): Support both
    built-in and the package.el converted package descriptions.
    (package-show-package-list): Allow keywords.
    (package-keyword-button-action): Use it instead of
    (package-menu-filter-interactive): Interactive filtering (by
    keyword) function.
    (package-menu--generate): Support keywords and change keymappings
    and headers when they are given.
    (package--has-keyword-p): Helper function.
    (package-menu--refresh): Use it.
    (package--mapc): Helper function.
    (package-all-keywords): Use it.
    (package-menu-mode-map): Set up menu items and keybindings to
    provide a filtering UI.
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