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    src/*.c: Silence a few warnings about unused vars and functions. · 5af73b0f
    Juanma Barranquero authored
    * src/image.c (x_bitmap_height, x_bitmap_width) [HAVE_X_WINDOWS]:
    * src/sysdep.c (reset_sigio) [!DOS_NT]: Declare conditionally.
    * src/keyboard.c (read_decoded_event_from_main_queue): #ifdef out
      variables on Windows.
    * src/w32.c (unsetenv): Remove unused var `retval'.
      (emacs_gnutls_pull): Remove unused vars `fdset' and `timeout'.
    * src/w32fns.c (Ffile_system_info): Use parenthesis in and/or expression.
    * src/w32notify.c (watch_worker): Remove unnecesary var sleep_result.
      (start_watching): Remove unused var `thr'.
    * src/w32proc.c (sys_spawnve): Comment out unused vars `first', `last'.
      (find_child_console): Remove unnecesary var `thread_id'.
    * src/w32term.c (w32_read_socket): Comment out unused vars `row', `columns'.
      (x_focus_frame): #ifdef 0 unused variable `dpyinfo'.
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