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    Update from CEDET trunk. · 5d4da32d
    David Engster authored
    * grammars/c.by (template-type): Add :template-specifier and
    :typevar to capture extra details about the template.
    (opt-post-fcn-modifiers): Splice in the found symbol into the
    return value correctly.
    (QUESTION): New punctuation.
    (expression): Add ternary conditional support.
    * grammars/scheme.by (MODULE): New token.
    (scheme): Handle expanding the MODULE tag.
    (scheme-list): Remove closeparen required match.
    (scheme-in-list): Remove extraneous matches for DEFINE.  Add
    support for MODULE Simplify matching for code & make work.
    (name-args, name-arg-list, name-arg-expand): Make it work.
    * semantic.el (semantic-mode): Add/remove 3
    (semantic-completion-at-point-function): Removed.
    (semantic-analyze-nolongprefix-completion-at-point-function): New
    completion at point functions.
    * semantic/doc.el (semantic-doc-snarf-comment-for-tag): Fix case
    when comment-end is empty string.
    * semantic/debug.el
    (semantic-debug-parser-debugger-source): New buffer local
    (semantic-debug-interface): Add 'nil' initform to overlays.
    (semantic-debug-mode): Remove read-only tags from buffers on exit.
    (semantic-debug): Add autoload cookie.  Force the language
    specific debugger to load.
    * semantic/db.el (generic::semanticdb-full-filename): New generic
    method to allow this method to be used on buffer names via an
    associated database.
    * semantic/symref.el
    (semantic-symref-cleanup-recent-buffers-fcn): When cleaning up
    buffers, don't clean up buffers that are being used (i.e., in a
    window) when the hook fires.
    (semantic-symref-recently-opened-buffers): New tracking variable.
    (semantic-symref-cleanup-recent-buffers-fcn): New hook fcn.
    (semantic-symref-result-get-tags): Move logic into
    `semantic-symref-hit-to-tag-via-buffer', and cleanup buffers via
    the symref cleanup function in post-command-hook.
    (semantic-symref-hit-to-tag-via-buffer): Logic that used to be
    from above.
    (semantic-symref-hit-to-tag-via-db): New.
    * semantic/analyze.el:
    (semantic-analyze-find-tag-sequence-default): If first entry in
    sequence is the only one, apply tagclass filter.
    (semantic-analyze-princ-sequence): Show slot even if empty.
    (semantic-analyze-find-tag-sequence-default): Add flags argument.
    Add support for forcing the final entry of the sequence to be of
    class variable.
    (semantic-analyze-find-tag): Fix bug where input class filter was
    ignored if there was a typecache match.
    (semantic-analyze-current-context-default): For assignments, the
    assignee now must be of class variable.
    * semantic/analyze/complete.el
    (semantic-analyze-possible-completions-default): Add
    'no-longprefix' flag.  When used, the prefix and prefixtypes are
    shortened to just the last symbol.
    * semantic/bovine/c.el (semantic-c-do-lex-if): Catch errors from
    'hideif', and push to the parser warning stack.
    (semantic-lex-cpp-define): When a comment is at the end of a
    macro, do not subtract an extra 1 from the found position.  Fixes
    bug with: #define foo (a)/**/ adding an extra ')' to the stream.
    * semantic/bovine/scm.el (semantic-lex-scheme-symbol): Allow
    symbols to be one char long.
    * semantic/bovine/grammar.el
    (bovine-grammar-calculate-source-on-path): New.
    (bovine-grammar-setupcode-builder): Use it.
    * ede.el (ede/detect): New require.
    (ede-version): Bump version
    (ede-initialize-state-current-buffer): Use new
    `ede-detect-directory-for-project' to detect projects first
    instead of depending on currente dir only.
    (ede-delete-project-from-global-list): New.
    (ede-flush-deleted-projects): Use above.
    (ede-check-project-query-fcn): New variable
    (ede-check-project-directory): Use above when querying the user.
    Added to support unit testing of this security measure.
    (ede-initialize-state-current-buffer): Use
    `ede-directory-project-cons' instead of the -detect- fcn to take
    advantage of the cache.  Pass found project into
    (ede-load-project-file): Add new input DETECTIN.
    (ede-rescan-toplevel): Get the proj root a better way.
    (ede-load-project-file): Return the loaded object.  When asking
    for existing project, ask for an exact match.
    (ede-initialize-state-current-buffer): Simplify some conditional
    (ede-load-project-file): Simplify conditional logic.
    (ede-global-list-sanity-check): New Testing fcn.
    (ede-parent-project): Replace old code with call to faster
    (ede-load-project-file): Use
    `ede-directory-get-toplevel-open-project' instead of above
    deleted.  Rename "pfc" to "autoloader".  Use
    `ede-directory-project-cons' to detect a project.  Delete no
    project found case where we search up the tree.
    * ede/auto.el (ede-project-autoload): Fix doc typo.  Add
    `:root-only' slot.
    (ede-auto-load-project): Doc update: warn to not use.
    (ede-dir-to-projectfile): Deleted.
    (ede-project-autoload-dirmatch): Add subdir-only slot.  Make
    configdatastash unbound by default.
    (ede-do-dirmatch): If subdir-only is true, then don't allow exact
    matches.  Account for configdatastash as unbound.  Assume value of
    nil means no tool installed.  Make sure loaded path matches from
    beginning.  Stash the regexp, not the raw string.
    (ede-project-class-files): Note that makefile and automake are not
    root only.
    (ede-auto-detect-in-dir): New (for use with `ede/detect.el').
    (ede-project-dirmatch-p): Deleted.
    (ede-project-root-directory): Remove body, return nil.
    (ede-project-autoload): :proj-root-dirmatch can be null & doc fix.
    (ede-auto-detect-in-dir): If there is no :proj-file, check for a
    * ede/generic.el (ede/config): Replace require of ede.
    (ede-generic-new-autoloader): Generic projects are now safe by
    default.  Note this is NOT a root only project.
    (project-rescan, ede-project-root, ede-generic-target-java)
    (ede-java-classpath, ede-find-subproject-for-directory): New.
    (ede-enable-generic-projects): Add new autoloaders for git, bzr,
    hg, sv, CVS.
    (ede-generic-vc-project::ede-generic-setup-configuration): New.
    (ede-generic-config): Remove slots: c-include-path,
    c-preprocessor-table, c-preprocessor-files, classpath,
    build-command, debug-command, run command.  Inherit from
    ede-extra-config-build, ede-extra-config-program.  Make
    run-command :value match :custom so only strings are accepted.
    Add some more :group slot specifiers.
    (ede-generic-project): Add mixins `ede-project-with-config-c' and
    `ede-project-with-config-java'. Inherit from
    `ede-project-with-config-program'.  Subclass
    `ede-project-with-config'.  Remove duplication from new baseclass.
    (ede-generic-target): Inherit from `ede-target-with-config-build',
    `ede-target-with-config-program'. Subclass `ede-target-with-config'.
    (ede-generic-target-c-cpp): Add mixin `ede-target-with-config-c'.
    (ede-generic-target-java): Add mixin `ede-target-with-config-java'.
    (ede-preprocessor-map, ede-system-include-path)
    (edejava-classpath): Deleted, moved to config.el.
    (project-compile-project, project-compile-target)
    (project-debug-target, project-run-target): Deleted.
    (ede-generic-get-configuration, ede-generic-setup-configuration)
    (ede-commit-project, project-rescan)
    (ede-generic-config::ede-commit): Deleted.  Subsumed by new
    (ede-preprocessor-map, ede-system-include-path)
    (project-debug-target, project-run-target): Call new
    `ede-config-get-configuration' instead of old version.
    (ede-generic-load): Do not add to global list here.
    * ede/files.el (ede-find-project-root)
    (ede-directory-get-toplevel-open-project-new): Deleted.
    (ede-project-root-directory): Use `ede-project-root' first.
    (ede--directory-project-add-description-to-hash): Rename to make
    internal symbols (via --).  Expand input dir first.
    (ede-directory-project-p): Doc fix (note obsoleted.)
    (ede-toplevel-project-or-nil): Alias to `ede-toplevel-project'.
    (ede-toplevel-project): Doc Fix.  Delete commented out old code.
    Simplify returning result from ede-detect-directory-for-project.
    (ede-directory-get-open-project): Support when
    inodes are disabled.  If disabled to str compare on root project.
    (ede-directory-get-toplevel-open-project): Enabled nested
    projects.  When doing directory name matching, save the 'short'
    version of an answer (non-exact match) and eventually select the
    shortest answer at the end.  Expand the filename of tested
    projects.  Better support for when inodes are disabled.  Add
    'exact' option so that it will return a project that is an exact
    (ede-find-subproject-for-directory): Small optimization to run
    `file-truename' less often.
    (ede-directory-project-p): Move content, then use
    `ede-directory-project-cons'.  Use
    `ede-detect-directory-for-project', replacing old detection loop.
    (ede-directory-project-cons): New, from above.
    (ede-toplevel-project): Toss old scanning code.  Use
    `ede-detect-directory-for-project' instead.
    (ede-directory-get-toplevel-open-project-new): New.
    * ede/linux.el (ede-linux-project-root): Deleted.
    (ede-project-autoload): Remove dirmatch entry - it is no longer
    * lisp/cedet/ede/proj.el (project-rescan): Replace direct
    manipulation of `ede-projects' with equivalent and better
    (ede-proj-load): Replace call to test if dir has project to
    explicity ask filesystem if Project.ede is there.
    * ede/config.el:
    * ede/detect.el: New files.
    * ede/project-am.el (project-run-target): Add "./" to program to
    run for systems where '.' isn't in PATH.
    (project-am-load): Remove old code regarding `ede-constructing'.
    Just read in the makefiles.
    * ede/linux.el (ede-linux-load): Do not add to global list here.
    Don't check for existing anymore.
    (project-rescan): New.
    (ede-linux-project-list, ede-linux-file-existing): Deleted.
    (ede-linux-project-root): Delete body.  Need symbol for autoloads
    for now.
    (ede-linux-project): No longer instance tracker.
    (ede-project-autoload): Don't provide :proj-root
    * ede/emacs.el (ede-emacs-load): Do not add project to global list
    here.  Don't look for existing first.
    (ede-project-autoload): Remove dirmatch entry - it is no longer
    needed.  Don't provide proj-root anymore.
    (ede-emacs-project-list, ede-emacs-file-existing): Delete.
    (ede-emacs-project-root): Remove body (need symbol for loaddefs
    (ede-emacs-project): Do not instance track anymore.
    * ede/cpp-root.el (initialize-instance): Remove commented code.
    Add note about why we are adding the project to the master list.
    Make sure if we are replacing a prev version, remove from global
    (ede-cpp-root-count, ede-cpp-root-project-root, ede-cpp-root-load)
    (ede-project-autoload cpp-root): Deleted.
    (ede-project-root-directory): Return :directory instead of
    calculating from :file.
    (project-rescan): New.
    * ede/base.el (ede-toplevel): Only use buffer cached value if
    subproj not passed in.
    * srecode/java.el (srecode-semantic-handle-:java): Fix case when
    an EDE project didn't support java paths.
    * lisp/cedet/ede/proj-elisp.el
    (ede-proj-target-elisp::ede-proj-tweak-autoconf): Kill buffer
    after saving modified elisp-comp script, as to avoid "file has
    changed on disk; really edit the buffer" questions when script
    gets rewritten.
    * emacs-lisp/eieio-custom.el (eieio-customize-object): Set
    eieio-cog (current group) to g, which is an improved form of input
    * srecode/doc-cpp.srt (mode): Set to c mode so this works with
    both C and C++.
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