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    Adjust for autoconf merger. · 5f1a4d41
    Jim Blandy authored
    	* config.h.in: Add extra line to top, in case autoconf gets fixed
    	and decides not to add Makefile-style comments to the top of the
    	files it generates which we are forced to lop off.
    	Indicate that the boolean macros here get their definitions via
    	the DEFS Makefile variable.
    	Adjust the operating system and machine #includes to use
    	autoload's @cookies@.
    	(RETSIGTYPE): Give this a default value.
    	(SIGTYPE): Set this from RETSIGTYPE.
    	(LD_SWITCH_X_SITE, C_SWITCH_X_SITE): Get values via @cookies@.
    	* Makefile.in (DEFS): Renamed from CONFIG_CFLAGS.
    	(xmakefile): Pass CFLAGS to ${CPP}.
    	* Makefile.in (tagsfiles): Remove external-lisp from this list of
    	files; we're not distributing it, so the normal build process
    	shouldn't depend on it.
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