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    New function 'libxml-available-p' · 620247ac
    Robert Pluim authored
    * src/emacs.c (main): Call syms_of_xml unconditionally.
    * src/lisp.h: Provide syms_of_xml prototype even when
    HAVE_LIBXML2 is not defined.
    * src/xml.c (Flibxml_available_p): New function, cloned from
    (syms_of_xml): Provide Slibxml_available_p.
    * doc/lispref/text.texi (Parsing HTML/XML): Document libxml-available-p.
    (GnuTLS Cryptography, Format of GnuTLS Cryptography Inputs)
    (Document Object Model): Fix indentation of the first paragraph.
    * etc/NEWS (libxml-available-p): Mention libxml-available-p.
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