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    Stop keeping info/dir in the repository. · 62bd73fa
    Glenn Morris authored
    * build-aux/dir_top: Move here from admin/.
    * build-aux/make-info-dir: New script.
    * Makefile.in (bootstrap-clean): Delete info/.
    (info-dir, ${srcdir}/info/dir): New rules.
    (info): Also make info-dir.
    (check-info): Rename from check-info-dir.
    Instead of info/dir entries, check @dircategory in info/*.info.
    * make-dist: Use `info' rule rather than `info-real'.
    No more info/COPYING (not even the right license for info/ files).
    * info/: Remove from repository.
    * admin/update_autogen (info_dir):
    Use dir_top from build-aux/ rather than admin/.
    * .bzrignore: Ignore info/ altogether.
    * doc/emacs/Makefile.in: Comment.
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