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    Include-file cleanup for src directory · 63cfb75f
    Paul Eggert authored
    Omit ‘#include "foo.h"’ unless the file needs foo.h (Bug#21707).
    In a few cases, add ‘#include "foo.h"’ if the file needs foo.h
    but does not include it directly.  As a general rule, a source
    file should include foo.h if it needs the interfaces that foo.h
    * src/alloc.c: Don’t include process.h.  Include dispextern.h,
    * src/atimer.c: Don’t include blockinput.h.
    * src/buffer.c: Include coding.h, systime.h.  Don’t include
    keyboard.h, coding.h.
    * src/callint.c: Don’t include commands.h, keymap.h.
    * src/callproc.c: Don’t include character.h, ccl.h, composite.h,
    systty.h, termhooks.h.
    * src/casetab.c: Don’t include character.h.
    * src/category.c: Don’t include charset.h, keymap.h.
    * src/ccl.h: Don’t include character.h.
    * src/character.c: Don’t include charset.h.
    * src/charset.c: Don’t include disptab.h.
    * src/chartab.c: Don’t include ccl.h.
    * src/cm.c: Don’t include frame.h, termhooks.h.
    * src/cmds.c: Don’t include window.h, dispextern.h.
    * src/coding.c: Don’t include window.h, frame.h.
    * src/composite.c: Include composite.h.  Don’t include window.h,
    * src/data.c: Don’t include syssignal.h, termhooks.h, font.h.
    * src/dbusbind.c: Don’t include frame.h.
    * src/decompress.c: Don’t include character.h.
    * src/dired.c: Don’t include character.h, commands.h, charset.h.
    * src/dispnew.c: Don’t include character.h, indent.h, intervals.h,
    process.h, timespec.h.  Include systime.h.
    * src/doc.c: Include coding.h.  Don’t include keyboard.h.
    * src/editfns.c: Include composite.h.  Don’t include frame.h.
    * src/emacs.c: Include fcntl.h, coding.h.  Don’t include
    commands.h, systty.h..
    * src/fileio.c: Don’t include intervals.h, dispextern.h.
    Include composite.h.
    * src/filelock.c: Don’t include character.h, systime.h.
    * src/fns.c: Don’t include time.h, commands.h, keyboard.h,
    keymap.h, frame.h, blockinput.h, xterm.h.  Include composite.h.
    * src/font.c: Include termhooks.h.
    * src/font.h: Don’t include ccl.h, frame.h.  Add forward decls of
    struct composition_it, struct face, struct glyph_string.
    * src/fontset.c: Don’t include buffer.h, ccl.h, keyboard.h,
    intervals.h, window.h, termhooks.h.
    * src/frame.c: Don’t include character.h, commands.h, font.h.
    * src/frame.h: Don’t include dispextern.h.
    * src/fringe.c: Don’t include character.h.
    * src/ftcrfont.c: Don’t include dispextern.h, frame.h,
    character.h, charset.h, fontset.h.
    * src/ftfont.c: Don’t include frame.h, blockinput.h, coding.h,
    * src/ftxfont.c: Don’t include dispextern.h, character.h,
    charset.h, fontset.h.
    * src/gfilenotify.c: Don’t include frame.h, process.h.
    * src/gtkutil.c: Include dispextern.h, frame.h, systime.h.
    Don’t include syssignal.h, buffer.h, charset.h, font.h.
    * src/gtkutil.h: Don’t include frame.h.
    * src/image.c: Include fcntl.h and stdio.h instead of sysstdio.h.
    Don’t include character.h.
    * src/indent.c: Don’t include keyboard.h, termchar.h.
    * src/inotify.c: Don’t include character.h, frame.h.
    * src/insdel.c: Include composite.h.  Don’t include blockinput.h.
    * src/intervals.c: Don’t include character.h, keyboard.h.
    * src/intervals.h: Don’t include dispextern.h, composite.h.
    * src/keyboard.c: Don’t include sysstdio.h, disptab.h, puresize.h.
    Include coding.h.
    * src/keyboard.h: Don’t incldue systime.h.
    * src/keymap.c: Don’t include charset.h, frame.h.
    * src/lread.c: Include dispextern.h and systime.h.
    Don’t include frame.h.  Include systime.h.
    * src/macros.c: Don’t include commands.h, character.h, buffer.h.
    * src/menu.c: Include character.h, coding.h.  Don’t include
    * src/menu.h: Don’t include systime.h.
    * src/minibuf.c: Don’t include commands.h, dispextern.h, syntax.h,
    intervals.h, termhooks.h.
    * src/print.c: Include coding.h.  Don’t include keyboard.h,
    window.h, dispextern.h, termchar.h, termhooks.h, font.h.
    Add forward decl of struct terminal.
    * src/process.c: Don’t include termhooks.h, commands.h,
    dispextern.h, composite.h.
    * src/region-cache.c: Don’t include character.h.
    * src/scroll.c: Don’t include keyboard.h, window.h.
    * src/search.c: Don’t include category.h, commands.h.
    * src/sound.c: Don’t include dispextern.h.
    * src/syntax.c: Don’t include command.h, keymap.h.
    * src/sysdep.c: Don’t include window.h, dispextern.h.
    * src/systime.h: Use ‘#ifdef emacs’, not ‘#ifdef EMACS_LISP_H’,
    * src/term.c: Don’t include systty.h, intervals.h, xterm.h.
    * src/terminal.c: Include character.h.
    Don’t include charset.h, coding.h.
    * src/textprop.c: Don’t include character.h.
    * src/undo.c: Don’t include character.h, commands.h, window.h.
    * src/unexsol.c: Don’t include character.h, charset.h.
    * src/widget.c: Include widget.h.  Don’t include keyboard.h,
    window.h, dispextern.h, blockinput.h, character.h, font.h.
    * src/widgetprv.h: Don’t include widget.h.
    * src/window.c: Don’t include character.h, menu.h, intervals.h.
    * src/xdisp.c: Include composite.h, systime.h.  Don’t include
    macros.h, process.h.
    * src/xfaces.c: Don’t include charset.h, keyboard.h, termhooks.h,
    * src/xfns.c: Don’t include menu.h, character.h, intervals.h,
    epaths.h, fontset.h, systime.h, atimer.h, termchar.h.
    * src/xfont.c: Don’t include dispextern.h, fontset.h, ccl.h.
    * src/xftfont.c: Don’t include dispextern.h, character.h, fontset.h.
    * src/xgselect.c: Don’t include timespec.h, frame.h.
    Include systime.h.
    * src/xgselect.h: Don’t include time.h.
    Use a forward decl to struct timespec instead.
    * src/xmenu.c: Don’t include keymap.h, character.h, charset.h,
    dispextern.h.  Include systime.h.
    * src/xml.c: Don’t include character.h.
    * src/xrdb.c [USE_MOTIF]: Don’t include keyboard.h.
    * src/xselect.c: Don’t include dispextern.h, character.h,
    buffer.h, process.h.
    * src/xsmfns.c: Don’t include systime.h, sysselect.h.
    * src/xterm.c: Don’t include syssignal.h, charset.h, disptab.h,
    intervals.h process.h, keymap.h, xgselect.h.  Include composite.h.
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