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    * sysdep.c, term.c, termcap.c, terminal.c: Integer-related minor fixes. · 653d4f43
    Paul Eggert authored
    * sysdep.c (emacs_get_tty): Return void, since nobody uses the value.
    (emacs_set_tty): Now static.
    * sysdep.c (emacs_set_tty, tabs_safe_p, emacs_close):
    * term.c (tty_capable_p, tty_default_color_capabilities)
    (get_tty_terminal, term_mouse_movement)
    (handle_one_term_event, init_tty, maybe_fatal):
    * termcap.c (tgetst1, struct termcap_buffer, valid_filename_p)
    (tgetent, scan_file, name_match, compare_contin):
    * terminal.c (get_terminal):
    Use bool for boolean.
    * sysdep.c (init_system_name): Don't overflow stack on huge hostname.
    Prefer char to unsigned char if either will do.
    * term.c (OUTPUT, turn_on_face): Omit unnecessary casts to int.
    (tty_write_glyphs): Prefer int to unsigned.
    (produce_glyphless_glyph): Remove 2nd (unused) int arg.
    All callers changed.
    * termcap.c (tprint, main) [TEST]: Remove non-working test.
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