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    Changes for correct pgrp behavior; approach suggested by Bob · 65aa44ac
    Jim Blandy authored
    	Glickstein <bobg@zindigo.z-code.com>:
    	* m/iris4d.h (LIB_STANDARD): Do list -lbsd here.
    	* s/irix4-0.h (getpgrp, setpgrp): #define these to call BSDgetpgrp
    	and BSDsetpgrp.
    	(GETPGRP_NO_ARG): Don't #define this.
    	* emacs.c (main): Don't test GETPGRP_NO_ARG.
    	* sysdep.c (sys_suspend): Don't test GETPGRP_NO_ARG.
    	* config.h.in (HAVE_CLOSEDIR): Add an #undef for autoconf to
    	* sysdep.c (closedir): Only define this if autoconf can't find
    	HAVE_CLOSEDIR.  If we're running under solaris (defined (sun) &&
    	defined (USG5_4)), then don't free the buffer separately.
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