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    (tmm-add-one-shortcut): New subroutine. · 670ce6ea
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (tmm-add-shortcuts): Code moved to tmm-add-one-shortcut.
    Handle tmm-shortcut-style and tmm-shortcut-words.
    (tmm-define-keys): Use suppress-keymap.
    Moved use-local-map from the caller here.
    tmm-short-cuts is now a list of chars, not of one-char strings.
    (tmm-completion-delete-prompt): New function, used in
    (tmm-shortcut-style): New variable.
    (tmm-shortcut-words): New variable.
    (tmm-shortcut): Handle tmm-shortcut-style.
    The shortcut searched in tmm-short-cuts is now a char, not a string.
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