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    Honor :fore/background for XBM on NS (Bug#14969). · 67a878f7
    Jan Djärv authored
    * nsterm.h (EmacsImage): Add xbm_fg, remove initFromSkipXBM,
    initFromXBM takes bg, fg args, remove flip arg.
    (ns_image_from_XBM): Add bg, fg args.
    * image.c (x_create_bitmap_from_data)
    (Create_Pixmap_From_Bitmap_Data): ns_image_from_XBM takes bg, fg args.
    * nsimage.m (ns_image_from_XBM): Add fg, bg args, pass to initFromXBM.
    Remove flip arg.
    (initFromSkipXBM): Move code to initFromXBM.
    (initFromXBM): Actually set fg and bg, instead of playing alpha games.
    Use fg, bg from args (Bug#14969).  Remove if (length) section, was always
    Remove bit flipping (bitPat, swt), generated incorrect images when
    width/height wasn't a multiple of 8.
    (setXBMColor:): Modify planes by comparing to saved xbm_fg.
    * nsterm.m (ns_draw_fringe_bitmap): initFromXBM takes fg, bg args, remove
    flip arg.
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