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    * lisp/cus-start.el (all): Add ns-use-native-fullscreen. · 6871e574
    Jan Djärv authored
    * src/nsmenu.m (update_frame_tool_bar): Check for negative tool bar
    * src/nsterm.h (HAVE_NATIVE_FS): Define if OSX => 10.7.
    (EmacsView): Add fs_is_native, fsIsNative, isFullscreen and
    * src/nsterm.m (NEW_STYLE_FS): Remove.
    (ns_last_use_native_fullscreen): New variable.
    (x_make_frame_visible): Replace NEW_STYLE_FS with isFullscreen.
    (x_set_window_size): Do not take title bar and tool bar into account
    if isFullscreen returns YES.
    (ns_fullscreen_hook): Replace NEW_STYLE_FS with isFullscreen.
    (check_native_fs): New function.
    (ns_select, ns_read_socket): Call check_native_fs if HAVE_NATIVE_FS.
    (ns_term_init): Remove NEW_STYLE_FS.
    (updateFrameSize:, windowWillResize:toSize:): Only adjust for title bar
    and tool bar if isFullscreen returns NO.
    (windowDidResize:): Replace NEW_STYLE_FS with fsIsNative.
    (initFrameFromEmacs:): Initialize fs_is_native.  Replace NEW_STYLE_FS
    with HAVE_NATIVE_FS.
    (window:willUseFullScreenPresentationOptions:): New method.
    (windowDidEnterFullScreen:): Replace NEW_STYLE_FS with fsIsNative.
    Hide toolbar if not enabled.
    (windowDidExitFullScreen:): Call updateCollectionBehaviour.
    Restore tool bar if enabled, hide it otherwise (Bug#13444).
    (fsIsNative, isFullscreen, updateCollectionBehaviour): New methods.
    (toggleFullScreen:): If fs_is_native, call toggleFullScreen on
    window.  Do no set FRAME_EXTERNAL_TOOL_BAR (f) to 0.
    Check FRAME_EXTERNAL_TOOL_BAR (f) before restoring
    FRAME_TOOLBAR_HEIGHT (f).  Call updateFrameSize when going non-fs.
    (syms_of_nsterm): Add ns-use-native-fullscreen.
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