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    (elint-file, elint-directory): New autoloaded commands. · 6974be68
    Glenn Morris authored
    (elint-current-buffer): Set mode-line-process.
    (elint-init-env): Handle define-derived-mode.
    Fix declare-function with unspecified arglist.  Guard against odd
    defalias statements (eg iso-insert's 8859-1-map).
    (elint-add-required-env): Use a temp buffer.
    (elint-form): Just print the function/macro name, not the whole form.
    Return env unchanged if we fail to parse a macro.
    (elint-forms): Guard against parse errors.
    (elint-output): New function, to handle batch mode.
    (elint-log-message): Add optional argument.  Use elint-output.
    (elint-set-mode-line): New function.
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