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    Sync with upstream vhdl mode v3.34.2. · 6b9c2d85
    Reto Zimmermann authored
    * lisp/progmodes/vhdl-mode.el: Use `push' throughout.
    (vhdl-version, vhdl-time-stamp, vhdl-doc-release-notes): Update.
    (vhdl-compiler-alist): Replace "\t\n" by "\\t\\n".
    Add IBM & Quartus compiler.  Enhance entry for ADVance MS compiler.
    (vhdl-actual-generic-name): New option to derive actual generic name.
    (vhdl-port-paste-signals): Replace formal by actual generics.
    (vhdl-beautify): New name for old group vhdl-align.  Update users.
    (vhdl-beautify-options): New option.
    (vhdl-last-input-event): New compat alias.  Use throughout.
    (vhdl-goto-line): Replace user level function `goto-line'.
    (vhdl-mode-map): Add bindings for vhdl-fix-statement-region,
    (vhdl-create-mode-menu): Add some entries.
    (vhdl-align-region-groups): Respect vhdl-beautify-options.
    (vhdl-align-inline-comment-region-1): Handle "--" inside string.
    (vhdl-fixup-whitespace-region): Handle symbols at EOL.
    (vhdl-fix-statement-region, vhdl-fix-statement-buffer): New commands,
    to force statements on one line.
    New, split from vhdl-remove-trailing-spaces.
    (vhdl-beautify-region): Fix statements, trailing spaces, ^M character.
    Respect vhdl-beautify-options.
    (vhdl-update-sensitivity-list-buffer): If non-interactive save buffer.
    (vhdl-update-sensitivity-list): Not add with index if exists without.
    Not include array index with signal.  Ignore keywords in comments.
    (vhdl-get-visible-signals): Regexp tweaks.
    (vhdl-template-component-inst): Handle empty library.
    (vhdl-template-type): Add template for 'enum' type.
    (vhdl-port-paste-generic-map, vhdl-port-paste-constants):
    Use vhdl-replace-string.
    (vhdl-port-paste-signals): Use vhdl-prepare-search-1.
    (vhdl-speedbar-mode-map): Rename from vhdl-speedbar-key-map.
    (vhdl-speedbar-initialize): Update for above name change.
    (vhdl-compose-wire-components): Fix in handling of constants.
    (vhdl-error-regexp-emacs-alist): New variable.
    (vhdl-error-regexp-add-emacs): New function;
    adds support for new compile.el (Emacs 22+)
    (vhdl-generate-makefile-1): Change target order for single lib. units.
    Allow use of absolute file names.
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