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    (calendar-time-zone-daylight-rules): Scan through the · 6bc457fe
    Paul Eggert authored
    next few years until at most one rule remains; if none remain, then
    just use the first candidate rule; it's wrong in general, but it's
    right for at least one year.  This is a better heuristic in case the
    underlying time zone implementation has bugs (which is all too
    common).  If possible, don't convert back and forth between gregorian
    and absolute; this speeds things up noticeably.  This uses the new
    calendar-nth-named-absday function.
    (calendar-current-time-zone): Some locales start DST at a different
    time of day than they end; allow for this by yielding both times.  The
    performance speedups in calendar.el are great enough that we now no
    longer need the "Checking time zone data..." message.  If
    current-time-zone yields nil, don't bother with
    calendar-next-time-zone-transition.  Use clearer names for local vars.
    (calendar-time-zone, calendar-daylight-time-offset,
    calendar-daylight-savings-{starts,ends}): Default to US Eastern rules
    for information that is not available.
    (calendar-daylight-savings-{starts,ends}-time): New vars, replacing
    calendar-daylight-savings-switchover-time, to support locales that
    start DST at a different time of day than they end.
    Fix typo by interchanging floor and mod.
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