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    Fixes in window size functions around Bug#16430 and Bug#16470. · 6cb4da45
    Martin Rudalics authored
    * window.c (Fwindow_pixel_width, Fwindow_pixel_height)
    (Fwindow_mode_line_height, Fwindow_header_line_height)
    (Fwindow_right_divider_width, Fwindow_bottom_divider_width):
    Minor doc-string adjustments.
    (Fwindow_total_height, Fwindow_total_width): New argument ROUND.
    Rewrite doc-strings.
    (window_body_height, window_body_width): Do not count partially
    visible lines/columns when PIXELWISE is nil (Bug#16470).
    (Qfloor, Qceiling): New symbols.
    * window.el (window-total-size, window-size): New argument
    (window--min-delta-1, window-min-delta, window--max-delta-1): Be
    more conservative when calculating the numbers of lines or
    columns a window can shrink (Bug#16430).
    (fit-window-to-buffer): Simplify code.
    * term.el (term-window-width): Call window-body-width again.
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