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    Changes from Toru Tsuneyoshi for using Trash can when deleting files. · 6cf29fe8
    Jason Rumney authored
    	* files.el (backup-extract-version): Handle versioned directories.
    	(trash-directory): New variable.
    	(move-file-to-trash): New function.
    	* cus-start.el (delete-by-moving-to-trash): Declare for custom.
            * lisp.h (Qdelete_file, Qdelete_directory): Declare extern.
            * fileio.c (delete_by_moving_to_trash, Qmove_file_to_trash): New vars.
            (syms_of_fileio): Initialize and export them.
            (Fdelete_directory, Fdelete_file): Optionally delete via trash.
            * w32fns.c (FOF_NO_CONNECTED_ELEMENTS): Define if not already.
            (Fsystem_move_file_to_trash): New function.
            (syms_of_w32fns): Export it to lisp.
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