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    (prolog-program-name): Use gprolog if available. · 6cfd4f3a
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (prolog-mode-syntax-table, prolog-mode-abbrev-table, prolog-mode-map):
    Bring together declaration and initialization.
    (prolog-mode-variables): Don't set the syntax table.
    Don't set paragraph-start and comment-indent-function.
    Add /*..*/ to the comment regexps.
    (prolog-mode-commands): Remove.  Do it during init of prolog-mode-map.
    (prolog-mode-map): Don't bind TAB.
    (prolog-mode): Set the syntax table.
    (prolog-comment-indent): Remove.
    (inferior-prolog-mode-map): Initialize in the declaration.
    (inferior-prolog-mode-abbrev-table): New vars.
    (inferior-prolog-mode): Derive from comint-mode.
    (run-prolog): Avoid switch-to-buffer which can fail in dedicated and
    minibuffer windows.
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