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    (c-style-alist): The basic offset for the BSD · 6cfd56b3
    Gerd Moellmann authored
    style corrected to 8.
    (c-style-alist): Adjusted the indentation of
    brace list openers in the gnu style.
    (c-make-styles-buffer-local): Flag style
    variable localness in c-style-variables-are-local-p to make
    the compatibility measure in c-common-init work well.
    (c-set-style-1): c-special-indent-hook can no
    longer contain set-from-style.
    (c-initialize-builtin-style): Don't check for
    set-from-style on c-special-indent-hook.
    (c-copy-tree): Obsolete.  The standard function
    copy-alist is sufficient now.
    (c-set-style, c-set-style-1,
    c-get-style-variables): Fixes to variable initialization so
    that duplicate entries in styles have the same effect
    regardless of DONT-OVERRIDE.
    (c-set-style-2): Fixed bug where the
    initialization of inheriting styles failed when the
    dont-override flag is set.
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