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    Mark _Noreturn error functions as cold · 6d6c55db
    Paul Eggert authored
    On my platform this made ‘make compile-always’ 1.3% faster.
    Suggested by Alex Gramiak in:
    * configure.ac (nw): Don’t use -Wsuggest-attribute=cold.
    * lib-src/make-docfile.c (write_globals):
    Mark noreturn functions as cold.
    * src/callproc.c (exec_failed):
    * src/data.c (wrong_length_argument, wrong_type_argument):
    * src/emacs-module.c (module_abort):
    * src/emacs.c (terminate_due_to_signal):
    * src/eval.c (unwind_to_catch):
    * src/image.c (my_png_error, my_error_exit):
    * src/json.c (json_out_of_memory, json_parse_error):
    * src/keyboard.c (quit_throw_to_read_char, user_error):
    * src/lisp.h (die, wrong_type_argument, wrong_choice)
    (args_out_of_range, args_out_of_range_3, circular_list)
    (buffer_overflow, memory_full, buffer_memory_full)
    (string_overflow, xsignal, xsignal0, xsignal1, xsignal2)
    (xsignal3, signal_error, overflow_error, error, verror)
    (nsberror, report_file_errno, report_file_error)
    (report_file_notify_error, terminate_due_to_signal)
    (emacs_abort, fatal):
    * src/lread.c (load_error_old_style_backquotes)
    (end_of_file_error, invalid_syntax):
    * src/pdumper.c (error_unsupported_dump_object):
    * src/puresize.h (pure_write_error):
    * src/search.c (matcher_overflow):
    * src/sound.c (sound_perror, alsa_sound_perror):
    * src/sysdep.c (handle_arith_signal):
    * src/systime.h (time_overflow):
    * src/term.c (maybe_fatal, vfatal):
    * src/textprop.c (text_read_only):
    * src/timefns.c (invalid_time_zone_specification)
    (time_error, invalid_hz):
    * src/xterm.c (x_connection_closed):
    Use AVOID instead of _Noreturn void, so that it’s marked cold.
    * src/conf_post.h (__has_attribute_cold) [!__has_attribute]:
    New macro.
    (ATTRIBUTE_COLD): New macro.
    * src/lisp.h (AVOID): New macro.
    * src/xterm.c: Omit unnecessary static decls, so that we needn’t
    worry about which functions should be marked cold.
    (x_io_error_quitter): Mark as cold.
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