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    Support symlinks on latest versions of MS-Windows. · 6dad7178
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/w32.c: Include winioctl.h and aclapi.h.
     (is_symlink, chase_symlinks, enable_privilege, restore_privilege)
     (revert_to_self): Forward declarations of static functions.
     <static BOOL g_b_init_get_security_info>:
     <g_b_init_create_symbolic_link>: New static flags.
     (globals_of_w32): Initialize them to zero.
     (GetSecurityInfo_Proc, CreateSymbolicLink_Proc): New typedefs.
     (map_w32_filename): Improve commentary.  Simplify switch.
     (SYMBOLIC_LINK_FLAG_DIRECTORY): Define if not defined in system
     headers (most versions of MinGW w32api don't).
     (get_security_info, create_symbolic_link)
     (get_file_security_desc_by_handle, is_symlink, chase_symlinks):
     New functions.
     (sys_access, sys_chmod): Call 'chase_symlinks' to resolve symlinks
     in the argument file name.
     (sys_access): Call unc_volume_file_attributes only if
     GetFileAttributes fails with network-related error codes.
     (sys_rename): Diagnose renaming of a symlink when the user doesn't
     have the required privileges.
     (get_file_security_desc_by_name): Renamed from
     (stat_worker): New function, with most of the guts of 'stat', and
     with addition of handling of symlinks and support for 'lstat'.  If
     possible, get file's attributes and security information by
     handle, not by name.  Produce S_IFLNK bit for symlinks, when
     called from 'lstat'.
     (stat, lstat): New functions, call 'stat_worker'.
     (symlink, readlink, careadlinkat): Rewritten to create and resolve
     symlinks when the underlying filesystem supports them.
     lib/src/ntlib.c (lstat): New function, calls 'stat'.
     nt/inc/sys/stat.h (S_IFLNK): Define.
     (S_ISLNK): A non-trivial definition.
     (lstat): Prototype instead of a macro that redirects to 'stat'.
     lisp/files.el (file-truename): Don't skip symlink-chasing part on
     windows-nt.  Incorporate the resolution of 8+3 short aliases on
     Windows into the loop that recursively chases symlinks.  Compare
     directory and its parent case-insensitively on MS-Windows and
     etc/NEWS: Announce the symlink support on MS-Windows.
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