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    Fix code and doc involving marked items. · 6dd006a8
    Stephen Berman authored
    * todo-mode.texi (Marked Items): Correct omission of item deletion
    from commands applying to both todo and done items.
    * calendar/todo-mode.el: Fix handling of marked items and make
    minor code improvements.
    (todo-edit-item): If there are marked items, ensure user can only
    invoke editing commands that work with marked items.
    (todo-edit-item--text): When there are marked items, make it a
    noop if invoked with point not on an item; otherwise, ensure it
    applies only to item at point.
    (todo-item-undone): If there are marked not-done items, return
    point to its original position before signaling user error.
    (todo--user-error-if-marked-done-item): New function.
    (todo-edit-item--header, todo-edit-item--diary-inclusion)
    (todo-item-done): Use it.
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