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    (best_matching_font): Remove unused parameter PATTERN. · 702a1e8e
    Gerd Moellmann authored
    (first_font_matching): Removed unused function.
    (x_face_list_fonts): Remove unused parameter SCALABLE_P.
    (may_use_scalable_font_p): Remove parameter FONT; rename
    parameter NAME to FONT.
    (x_face_list_fonts): Fix missing bounds check.
    (realizing_default_face_p): New variable.
    (realize_default_face): Set and clear that flag.
    (x_face_list_fonts): When called during the realization of the
    default face, and no matching fonts are found when ignoring
    scalable fonts and fonts matching a regexp from
    face-ignored-fonts, try without ignoring fonts.
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