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    (vc-simple-command): New function. · 7064821c
    André Spiegel authored
    (vc-fetch-master-properties): CVS case: Use it.
    (vc-lock-from-permissions, vc-file-owner, vc-rcs-lock-from-diff):
    New functions.
    (vc-locking-user): Largely rewritten.  Uses the above, handles RCS
    non-strict locking.  Under CVS in CVSREAD-mode, learn the locking state
    from the permissions.
    (vc-find-cvs-master): Use vc-insert-file, rather than
    find-file-noselect. Greatly speeds up things.
    (vc-consult-rcs-headers): Bug fix, return status in all cases.
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