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    (hif-end-of-line): New function. · 722fa77f
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (hide-ifdef-mode): Set line-move-ignore-invisible.
    (hide-ifdef-region-internal): New function.
    (hide-ifdef-region): Use it.
    (hif-defined): Return an integer.
    (hif-infix-to-prefix): Remove.
    (hif-tokenize): Parse from the buffer rather than from a string.
    Correctly tokenize integers.  Use forward-comment.
    (hif-expr): Use hif-or.
    (hif-term): Use hif-and.
    (hif-factor): Use hif-not.  Handle numbers properly.
    Don't require parenthesis around `defined's argument.
    (hif-and, hif-or, hif-not): New funs.
    (hif-canonicalize): Pass a region to hif-tokenize.  Use hif-not.
    (hif-hide-line): Don't hide the \n before the line.
    (hif-possibly-hide): Correctly handle numeric evaluation results.
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