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    * textmodes/reftex.el: Move require easymenu before first use. · 729f1525
    Dan Nicolaescu authored
    (reftex-info): Require info at compile too.
    * textmodes/org-publish.el (org-publish-org-to-html)
    (org-publish-org-to): Require org at compile time too.
    (org-publish-attachment): Require at compile time too.
    * term/tty-colors.el (w32-tty-standard-colors): Pacify
    * term/pc-win.el (frame-creation-function-alist): Add to this
    instead of setting frame-creation-function.
    * play/blackbox.el (bb-up, bb-down): Use forward-line.
    * net/rcirc.el (rcirc-markup-text-functions): Move definition
    * calendar/todo-mode.el: Require calendar at compile time.
    * calendar/cal-islam.el: Require diary-lib at compile time.
    * calendar/cal-hebrew.el: Require diary-lib and holidays at
    compile time.
    * w32-vars.el: Provide w32-vars.
    * term/w32-win.el: Require w32-vars.
    (w32-color-map): Pacify byte-compiler.
    * loadup.el: Load w32-wars before term/w32-win.
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