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    Update Functions chapter of Lisp manual; document closures. · 735cc5ca
    Chong Yidong authored
    * doc/emacs/functions.texi (What Is a Function): Add closures.  Mention
    "return value" terminology.  Add xref for command-execute.  Remove
    unused "keystroke command" terminology.
    (Lambda Expressions): Give a different example than in the
    following subsection.  Add xref to Anonymous Functions.
    (Function Documentation): Remove gratuitous markup.
    (Function Names): Move introductory text to `What Is a Function'.
    (Defining Functions): Fix defun argument spec.
    (Anonymous Functions): Document lambda macro explicitly.  Mention
    effects on lexical binding.
    (Function Cells): Downplay direct usage of fset.
    (Closures): New node.
    (Inline Functions): Remove "open-code" terminology.
    (Declaring Functions): Minor tweak; .m is not C code.
    * doc/emacs/variables.texi (Variables): Don't refer to "global value".
    (Local Variables, Void Variables): Copyedits.
    (Lexical Binding): Minor clarification of example.
    (File Local Variables): Mention :safe and :risky defcustom args.
    (Lexical Binding): Add xref to Closures node.
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