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    Make Lisp_Save_Value more versatile storage for up to four objects. · 73ebd38f
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    * lisp.h (toplevel): Enumeration to describe types of saved objects.
    (struct Lisp_Save_Value): New layout.  Adjust comments.
    (XSAVE_POINTER): New macro.
    (XSAVE_INTEGER): Likewise.
    (allocate_misc): Add prototype.
    (free_misc): Likewise.
    * alloc.c (allocate_misc): Now global.
    (free_misc): Likewise.  Adjust comment.
    (make_save_value): Use new Lisp_Save_Value layout.  Adjust comment.
    (free_save_value): Likewise.
    (mark_object): Likewise.
    * editfns.c (save_excursion_save): Pack everything within
    Lisp_Save_Value and so avoid xmalloc.
    (save_excursion_restore): Adjust to match new layout.  Use free_misc
    because we do not allocate extra memory any more.  Add eassert.
    * print.c (print_object): New code to print Lisp_Save_Value.  Do not
    rely on valid_lisp_object_p if !GC_MARK_STACK.  Adjust comments.
    * dired.c, fileio.c, font.c, ftfont.c, gtkutil.c, keymap.c,
    * lread.c, nsmenu.m, nsterm.h, xfns.c, xmenu.c, xselect.c:
    Use XSAVE_POINTER and XSAVE_INTEGER where appropriate.
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