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    * callint.c (Vshift_select_mode): New var. · 75043a7d
    Chong Yidong authored
    (Finteractive): Document new ^ spec.
    (Fcall_interactively): Call handle-shift-selection if the ^ spec
    is present.
    * keyboard.c (Vthis_command_keys_shift_translated): New var.
    (command_loop_1): Avoid running the direct display versions of
    forward-char and backward-char if shift-selection may occur.
    Don't change the value of transient-mark-mode; this is now handled
    by handle-shift-selection.
    (read_key_sequence): Set Vthis_command_keys_shift_translated if
    shift-translation takes place.
    * buffer.c (Vtransient_mark_mode): Move docstring to simple.el to
    avoid clobbering by define-minor-mode.
    * cmds.c (Fforward_char, Fbackward_char, Fforward_line)
    (Fbeginning_of_line, Fend_of_line): Add ^ interactive spec.
    * syntax.c (Fforward_word): Add ^ interactive spec.
    * window.c (Fscroll_up, Fscroll_down, Fscroll_left)
    (Fscroll_right): Add ^ interactive spec.
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