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    Fix bug #11959 with startup warnings on MS-Windows about ../site-lisp. · 76151e2c
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/w32.c (init_environment): Change the default values of many
     environment variables in dflt_envvars[] to NULL, to avoid pushing
     them into environment when they were not already defined.  Remove
     the code that deletes site-lisp subdirectories from the default
     value of EMACSLOADPATH, as it is no longer needed.
     (check_windows_init_file): Now external, not static.  Use
     Vload_path as is, without adding anything, as this function is now
     called when Vload_path is already set up.
     src/w32.h (check_windows_init_file): Add prototype.
     src/emacs.c (init_cmdargs) [WINDOWSNT]: When running from the build
     directory, ignore the /*/i386/ tail in Vinvocation_directory, for
     compatibility with Posix platforms.
     (main): Move the call to check_windows_init_file to here from
     (decode_env_path) [WINDOWSNT]: Expand the %emacs_dir%/ prefix, if
     any, in the DEFALT argument into the root of the Emacs build or
     installation tree, as appropriate.
     src/callproc.c (init_callproc_1): Call decode_env_path instead of
     doing its equivalent by hand.
     (init_callproc): Replace DOS_NT condition with MSDOS, thus letting
     the code that sets Vexec_path run on MS-Windows.
     src/lread.c (init_lread): Add comments to #ifdef's.
     (PATH_DATA, PATH_DOC): Replace dummy directory names with
     directories relative to %emacs_dir%.
     (PATH_EXEC): Add lib-src/oo-spd/i386 and lib-src/oo/i386, to cater
     to the use case of running un-installed Emacs.
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