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    Fix race in 'make info/dir', and speed it up. · 78b215ff
    Paul Eggert authored
    * Makefile.in (AWK, srcdir_doc_info_dir_inputs, info_dir_inputs):
    New macros.
    (clean): Remove info-dir.*.
    (info_dir_deps): Depend on make-info-dir too.
    Fix bug with wildcards that weren't expanded.
    (${srcdir}/info/dir): Make sure info directory exists.
    Don't call pwd; just redirect make-info-dir's stdout to temp file.
    * build-aux/make-info-dir: Send output to stdout.
    Take input file names from args.
    Fix a "FIXME inefficient looping" by using awk's associative arrays.
    Basically, this rewrites the script from scratch, and speeds up
    'make info/dir' from 2.6s to 0.07s on my platform.
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