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    Remove spurious * in custom docstrings. · 78b35906
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (dframe-xemacsp): Remove, use (featurep 'xemacs) instead.
    (dframe-xemacs20p): Remove, inline at the sole use point.
    (defface): Don't defvar the face, don't use old-style backquote.
    (defcustom): Don't use old-style backquote.
    (dframe-frame-parameter, dframe-mouse-event-p):
    Make it obvious that it's always defined.
    (dframe-popup-kludge): New function to replace
    dframe-xemacs-popup-kludge and dframe-xemacs-popup-kludge.
    (dframe-frame-mode, dframe-set-timer-internal)
    (dframe-mouse-set-point): Remove use of with-no-warnings from
    XEmacs-specific code.
    (dframe-set-timer-internal): Fix very old bug with
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