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    * lisp/profiler.el: Create a more coherent calltree from partial backtraces. · 79804536
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (profiler-format): Hide the tail with `invisible' so that C-s can still
    find the hidden elements.
    (profiler-calltree-depth): Don't recurse so enthusiastically.
    (profiler-function-equal): New hash-table-test.
    (profiler-calltree-build-unified): New function.
    (profiler-calltree-build): Use it.
    (profiler-report-make-name-part): Indent the calltree less.
    (profiler-report-mode): Add visibility specs for profiler-format.
    (profiler-report-expand-entry, profiler-report-toggle-entry):
    Expand the whole subtree when provided with a prefix arg.
    * src/fns.c (hashfn_user_defined): Allow hash functions to return any
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